The early days of childhood are extremely filled with interesting ideas and facts, which is so well brought out with the school curriculum. Education nowadays is about concepts and themes that will slowly let a child know about the various facts about their higher level of education. With so much of awareness that children have nowadays, it is easy to mould a curriculum as per their choice so that the learning atmosphere is fun and easy.

A curriculum designed for school must include a variety of days, festivities, learning concepts and interaction. Sports too must be a part of the curriculum where safe methods of play and interaction can be used. It is good to know that children love sounds and the fun of music and dance must be a part of their learning process. Perhaps a day in a week can be dedicated to live music played by an expert and a few rhymes can be taught with live music.

Another aspect during the school is about development of motor skills and other keen senses. This can be taught with clay molding, scribble pads, coloring and general activities that are based on holding, writing with crayons and balancing. The idea is to teach in a fun way and hence it is vital to keep many creative ideas and props around so that children can have fun.

Nursery curriculum can include the introduction to alphabets, fruits, vegetables, numbers in a very interactive way. This can be done with teaching aids and flash cards. It is also good to know that the national days or events can be followed so that children learn about our tradition and culture in the most convenient way. Participation is the key need at the preschool level, which can be brought out with days wherein parents can also volunteer with their creative ability and it is great to organize fun events.

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